Shade Sails Townsville

Shade Sails Townsville

Ede is a family business Our shade sails are made to measure at our South Townsville premises in north Queensland. There we have been crafting high-quality shade systems for sun protection using premium quality materials, fittings & workmanship.

Protecting Queenslanders from our harsh environment is a common value we share here at Ede Shade Solutions. We take pride in all our work offering practical & no bull expert advice and free quotes on a wide range of blinds and awnings in Townsville.

Fixed or retractable shade sails

Fixed or retractable shade sails & structures are an alternative to traditional building methods adding value & style to your property. Providing a sun safe area & creating a cool & comfortable space for commercial and industrial or home use. Great if you want to get more value out of your pool, entertainment areas, driveways, car parking, school areas, hospitals, shopping centres and council playgrounds. Small to large all our shade sails can be made from either premium quality fabric awning shade cloth that can provide up to 97% UV protection or weatherproof vinyl.

We can design, manufacture & install your shade sail to fit your area & situation, we have a reputation as the number one installer of shade sails and outdoor awnings Townsville wide.

Marine Grade Steel Posts support our Shade Sail Structures

Supply & installation of steel cables and steelwork is not a problem – our work is compliant to all the most stringent engineering standards. Shade sails are manufactured using UV treated thread & quality fittings tensioned at installation for that professional & clean look. We also provide repairs and alterations to your existing shade sail covers.

If you want to make use of your outdoor space & protect your family & friends from our scorching heat then give us a call today!

As well as top quality shade sails we also supply a wide range of shade products including outdoor awnings Townsville wide call today for a no-obligation quote call to discuss options.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Shade Sails

What do customers need to know about your Shade Sales?

Can Shade Sails enhance the appearance and value of my home?
Yes, absolutely! Shade sails have seen significant developments in both design and application over the last 20 years. With a range of appealing colours both aesthetics and added value can be achieved.
Are Shade Sails cost effective?
Shade sails are extremely cost-effective. When you take into account the benefit gained through providing shade to some of your most prized possessions and the life span of the product, shade sails are a great investment.
Is The UV-R % Block the Same for All Colours?
No. It is important to understand that not all shade sail colours block out UV to the same degree. The sun has a different effect on each colour; therefore, each colour will have a different UV-R percentage. The amount of protection from the UV-R rays and the shade factor does vary, yet only slightly. In general, the darker the colour of shade cloth the more sun and UV rays are blocked. For example, the darker shades such as Black can be up to 99% UV-R block whilst White is only 83%. Most Shade Sail colours (including our most popular colours) block between 95% – 99% of the UV rays.
Why do shade sails have curves in the perimeter?
We purposely cut an arc into the perimeter of shade sails so that when the sails are tensioned, they pull the fabric in the centre of the sail tight. Shade sails without these curves will not tension properly and will not be taut.
Do shade sails require maintenance?
Yes, but not much. Shade sails should be cleaned on a regular basis. A garden hose and soft brush is all you require to clean your shade sail. Never use Bleach or high-pressure cleaners to clean your shade sail. Periodically, the Shade Sail should be checked for proper tension and turnbuckles may need to be tightened. Regular maintenance & care of your shade sail will ensure a long life of the fabric.
Can I leave my shade sail up year-round?
Shade sails can be left up all year round. However, in the event of cyclone shade sails should be removed to minimise both damage to it and surrounding property.
How long do shade sails last?
The fabric we use on almost all of the shade sails we make is warranted by the fabric manufacturer for 10 years against the sun and UV degradation and the thread we use to sew our shade sails is also UV stabilised carrying a 15-year UV guarantee. The most important factor in determining how long the sail will last is how well it is installed. Loose or sagging sails will wear out faster. Depending on the conditions they are exposed to, quality of materials and the quality of the install. Properly installed sails should last for several years, usually outlasting their warranty.
Are shade sails waterproof?
Typically, not. The fabric is quite a tight-knit, which will cause light rain to roll off, but a heavy downpour will cause some water to pass through the sail in the form of a light mist. We can custom make a water-proof shade sail for you; however, they are more costly and need to be installed with a large pitch to prevent water pooling.
How much are shade sails?
Shade sails cost around $1500 - $2000 each for an average-sized sail. However, most shade sail installations require fixing or attachment points such as posts and brackets. Therefore, the price can vary significantly depending or your specific requirements. Our shade consultant can give you an exact costing for your home.
Why are custom sails so expensive?
To make a custom sail we have to make a one-off pattern. They are laid out and fabricated by hand. Our custom sails only use the highest quality materials, thread and hardware available on the market. Finally, our custom shade sails include our expert help in design to maximise the shade factor when we visit your site to conduct a quote.
How much wind can a shade sail take?
All shade sails should be taken down in “strong winds” or “cyclonic conditions”. We do not define “strong winds” as it depends greatly on installation and the age of the sail. When shade sails are new, they can handle high winds. However, as the shade sail ages their strength decreases until they finally come apart at the corner or along the stitching.
How long will the installation of my shade sails take?
The turnaround process from the installation of posts and fittings to installing your shade sail will generally take about one month. However, depending on the season, the installation lead time may vary. With all projects, there are several steps involved to the final product. Once you have accepted our quote, posts and fittings are installed on-site, with exact measurements taken to ensure the sail is made to fit perfectly. The next step is for the shade sail to be manufactured at our local workshop before being installed. Due to the high demand that summer brings, lead times can often be far greater. At the quote stage, our shade consultant will give you an expected timeline for completion.
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