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At Ede Shade Solutions Townsville, we manufacture, assemble, and install Indoor Blinds, Outdoor Shutters & Awnings and Shade Sails Townsville-wide.

From beautiful indoor Honeycomb and Veri Shade Blinds to stunning Plantation Shutters and many more indoor blinds, we’ve got you (and your windows) covered. Whether you want designer-style blinds or classic roller ones, we have an exciting selection of blinds for Townsville homes and offices.

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The shade and blind professionals at Ede Townsville offer bespoke blinds, Plantation Shutters, Panel Glide Blinds or Veri Shade Blinds that will transform your home – or your home office!

Ede Shade Solutions custom manufactures high quality blinds right here in Townsville. When it comes to indoor blinds, we can handle any manner of home or office renovation project, from smartphone-enabled Motorised Blinds to conventional Venetian Blinds, stunning Cellular Blinds and timeless Roller Blinds.


Explore our wide range of indoor blinds and contact us for a complimentary measurement and quote.

Thank you Jay and Bronwyn for the most awesome blind solution for both our upstairs and downstairs balconies. We love being able to sit outside and have shade from the sun but also not be bitten by bugs! Aside from the wonderful job both Jay, Bronwyn and their team did they are A+ in providing a unique, and fabulous customer experience from start to finish. It’s also nice to know you are supporting local. We will be back!

– Danielle Bayley

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Our stunning Aluminium Venetian Blinds give your Townsville home or office a unique metallic look that’s sure to impress.

Ede offers a wide range of Venetian Blinds that are sleek and stylish, with excellent light blocking capabilities. Our Aluminium Venetian Shades provide privacy whilst allowing bright sunlight to shine through to brighten your day!

Aluminium is a practical, durable material that will not corrode or peel over time, so your Venetian blinds will hold their look. They’re also water-resistant, so you can enjoy them in rooms prone to moisture like the bathrooms and kitchens, without worrying about their maintenance. Discover how these amazing Townsville blinds can transform the rooms in your home. Contact Ede today to arrange a complementary consultation in your home or in our Townsville showroom.

Plantation Shutters Townsville
Townsville Roller Shutters

Honeycomb/Cellular Blinds

Featuring a sleek cellular design, Honeycomb Blinds are versatile indoor blinds that use thermal properties to keep you cool in Townsville summer and warm and cosy in Townsville winter. The cordless option makes them great for families and child-friendly homes who want some privacy without having those cumbersome cords around.

Ede’s superior honeycomb cellular structure gives you the choice the flexibility to let the light in top-down or bottom up.

These amazing interior blinds can become opaque when needed to provide you with true privacy. Discover these spectacular Townsville blinds at Ede – in-store or at your home.

Book in a complimentary measure and quote with the Townsville blinds experts at Ede! You won’t be sorry!

Free measure & quote For Blinds Today! Wanna make your neighbours jealous? Then let’s get started...

Panel Glide Blinds

The Queensland sun can be harsh, but if you’re looking to avoid its glare, you’d be well served with our collection of Panel Glide Blinds. Our beautiful panel blinds come in an array or textured fabrics that make them perfect for any home. The sleek and modern design of our panel glide blinds make them a great choice to cover big areas such as sliding doors. When open, the panel blinds slide to the side and overlap into place giving you full clearance to walk through the doorway.

These blinds are also superb in smaller spaces! They are stylish, contemporary, and ideally suited to sliding glass doors and very large windows. The options are nearly endless with our wide range of fabrics, including light-filtering options to keep the glare at bay whilst giving you plenty of airflow, and with some smart add-ons to prevent cord entanglements.

Discover your new favourite Townsville blinds at Ede Shade Solutions, the blind experts in Northern Queensland!

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Townsville Roller Shutters

Plantation Shutters by Townsville’s Window COVERINGS Experts

An Aussie favourite, Plantation Shutters can be made from timber or PVC (or aluminium if you’re after Outdoor Plantation Shutters.) Durable and in a timeless “tropical” style, they are a natural when considering Townsville blinds.

Great for keeping the cool in and the harsh sun rays out during the Townsville summer months and retaining heat during cooler seasons, Plantation Shutters are amazing.

After ultimate durability? Our PVC Plantation Shutters won’t fade or crack over time. They are the perfect indoor blinds for kitchens and bathrooms! Available in a wide range of colours they’re sure to match any décor!

For a more natural look, consider our beautiful timber shades. Built from the finest timber, they’ll instantly add to your home or office ambiance. Invite us over for a cuppa or visit us in-store to get a fit to measure indoor blind solution by the Townsville blind experts at Ede!

Free measure & quote For Blinds Today! Wanna make your neighbours jealous? Then let’s get started...

Townsville Roller Shutters

Roller Blinds

To keep your home cool and shaded during those hot summer months, you cannot overlook the classic Roller Blind. These simple indoor blinds are great for bedrooms, where they look modern and stylish while providing you plenty of privacy and near-blockout coverage from the sun.

Available in a variety of textures, colours and materials, Roller Blinds fit any room and will protect your furniture against sun-bleaching. With plenty of colour and pattern options available they’ll easily match your décor and enhance it!

Book a complimentary measure and quote at your home or come in store to visit our showroom and go through the Roller Blinds options for yourself. Discover a better indoor blind with Ede, the Townsville blinds experts.

Stylish Veri Shade Blinds

Veri Shade Blinds are a sleek and stylish way to bring the look and feel of curtains into your home, but in an interior blind! With no weights or chains attached, these stunning blinds can be opened anywhere, whether you want them closed for privacy or open to let the through.

Veri Shades are made with a soft fabric with alternating opaque folds. The dark shades offer total privacy and elegance. Rotate the folds and you’re suddenly bathed in light. That’s the genius of these amazing indoor blinds.

Visit us in store and you’ll be convinced that Veri Shade Blinds can replace your curtains! With Ede, you can take your Townsville home or office décor to the next level. Come and see for yourself in our Townsville blinds showroom. You won’t regret it!

Zipscreen Blinds Townsville

Frequently Asked Questions – Indoor Blinds, Outdoor Blinds, Shutters & Shade Sails

What you need to know about Ede’s products and services.


We sure can, you’re in the right place. We’re here to help you make the best decision on what blinds, awnings, shutters or shades will suit your home, style and budget. We recommend you visit our Townsville blinds, shades, shutters and sun protecting awnings showroom first so you can see for yourself our extensive range.


Our Townsville showroom is open 5 days a week, Monday through to Thursday, 8am to 5pm and 8am to 3pm on Fridays.

Feel free to visit us to see our extensive range of blinds, shades, shutters and awnings.


Our measure and quotes are free in the greater Townsville area. So, if you’d like to talk to someone about a window covering for your home or office, contact us and we’ll have one of our shade consultants come out and visit to discuss your needs.


After the measure and consultation, you’ll choose the style and materials which we include in the quote. Most customers find visiting our blinds, shades and awnings showroom in Townsville helpful when making their final decisions. We require a 50% deposit to initiate an order at which time we book an installation with you. The balance is due after installation. We accept all Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Bank Cheque & Direct Deposit. If there are any alterations to the order these will need to be clarified prior to placing the order as it may affect the price and installation requirements.


Each product has a different lead-time, and it can be seasonally affected. We try and coordinate all products into one convenient delivery. In some situations, it may be desirable for you to split the order so as to obtain some products ahead of others. Your Ede Shade Solutions consultant will be able to advise you of the lead-time for each product.

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