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The Story of Ede Shade Solutions

Creating personal and unique environments for families and friends for over 100 years takes time and passion. You’ll find plenty of both in the people and history that make up Ede Shade Solutions, the Townsville Blinds experts.

1915 – 1952

Clarence Charlie Ede, more commonly known as Bert or Charlie establishes C. Ede Pty Ltd.



Charlie leaves England and sets sail for Australia “the land of opportunity” arriving in Sydney.



Charlie moves to Townsville and starts his working career with the late Mr Dave Edwards as an Upholsterer/Trimmer for horse drawn carts



C. Ede Pty Ltd is born, Charlie establishes himself in a back room of “Murphy’s Blacksmiths” as a coach trimmer. Soon after, when business begins to flourish, Charlie moved to new premises in Flinders Street East, then known as “Broadway”.


Located opposite Messrs Hollimans Ltd, Charlie expanded his business to include the canvas trade. In this he soon earned a reputation for making quality marquees, tents, flags, tarpaulins, lean-tos, annexes, blinds & canvas goods.



Charlie’s business has become a household name. He decides to purchase property in Dean Street, South Townsville, just off Victoria Bridge.


One of Charlie’s most notable jobs was to build the huge tent city at Mt Isa Mines to house hundreds of miners in the 1930’s. Legend has it that sheer grit & determination gave Charlie the winning edge after he drove from Townsville to Mt Isa, just to give a quote.




Charlie’s business continues to grow and move with the times with the advancement of the motor car. Eventually a Panel Beating section was opened and a special Blind Department was created for the manufacture & erection of exterior & interior venetian blinds, stationary lathed type Holland blinds, aluminium awnings & ship chandlery.


Due to ill health Charlie semi-retired from the business, but still maintained a lively interest, making his daily outing a visit to the ‘shop’ – to quote him – “Just to see how things were going”.
In his early days of retirement each Friday Charlie would hand deliver the employee’s wages.

1954 – 1957


By late 1962 Charlie fell very ill and passed away following an operation on 18th December 1962. The family business was left to be carried on by his four sons. Doug in the canvas goods department, Ron – Panel Beater, Wally – Blind Maker, Clary – Retail Section & Managing Director.


Just two years after Charlie’s passing his landmark workshop burnt to the ground in December 1964. The fire is remembered in Townsville by many as one of the city’s few fires to claim the life of a fireman who passed away after the awning of the building collapsed on him.

The business was forced to abandon its Dean Street site when new council ruling prohibited rebuilding on the site.



The company moves to new premises in McIlwraith Street, South Townsville where we remain today.


Shortly after reopening, son Doug made an unexpected breakaway from the partnership to create a competitor business Doug Ede Canvas.


Daryl Ede son of Clary and third generation family member starts in the business. Working in the retail section as well as quoting which included flying out West to properties as he had his own light aircraft pilots licence.


Ron son of Charlie dies suddenly.


Daryl could see computers were the way of the future. He studied a computer course at night school, eventually owning his own computer. The business decision was then made to convert from manual to a computerised system.


Russell, son of Wally and third generation family member starts in the business. Maintaining the blinds, awnings & security screen department.



The Panel Beating section closes down after it is no longer viable to run. Clary retires from the business. Clary leaves the business to his brother Wally and son Daryl to carry on the legacy.


Bronwyn Ede daughter of Daryl is the first female member and fourth generation to start work in the family business as an administrator’s assistant.


Wally retires from the business. Wally leaves the business to son Russell and Nephew Daryl to continue the family legacy.


C.Ede’s make the replica of the 1901 Australian Flag to be raised in Townsville’s Centenary of Federation. It was only 50 years ago in 1951 an employee of Ede’s repaired the original 1901 flag and retained a small damaged section for his own keeping. These remnants were donated to the Townsville City Council in January 2000.


Clarence William Walter Ede “Clary” passes away


Douglas Charlie Ede passes away


The Insect and security Screen department is phased out as competition is too strong.


C.Ede Pty Ltd commemorates 100 years in business with a party upstairs. Townsville Success Business Magazine puts us on the cover! Discussion begins to change the business name to represent more of what we do.

With Daryl unwell in hospital he is unable to make the event. We unveil our new trading name& logo EDE SHADE SOLUTIONS. Barry Hanran adds to the celebrations with his 50th anniversary with the company. This is a massive & proud achievement by all.

Daryl William Ede passes away unexpectedly from his illness. He leaves his share of the business to his daughter Bronwyn to continue on with his cousin Russell. Bronwyn is the fourth generation and the first female director in the company’s history.


Wally George Ede, the last surviving son of Charlie passes away.

Ede’s complete a showroom with all the latest products to assist in creating that personal and unique environment for your family and friends.