Roller Blinds Townsville

As indoor blinds go, Roller Blinds (also fondly known as Holland Blinds) are a very popular window furnishing in Townsville as they suit all budgets and homes. Custom made, these practical and easily controlled blinds are available in many colours and textures to ensure the perfect look and feel for every room.

A classic blind for all windows

Blockout Blinds, or Blackout Blinds, as the name suggests, prevent light entering your room. For this reason they are often the best Roller Blinds for bedrooms and media rooms, but they are also popular in lounge rooms as they protect you and your possessions from the sun. When used in the daytime, these Blockout Roller Blinds also help cut energy bills by preventing much heat transfer to the room and ultimately reducing the need for air conditioning.

Sunscreen Blinds stop the glare, UV rays and the heat while still enabling that all important view. Light Filtering Translucent Blinds are commonly used in living areas where you require privacy, reducing glare & heat without losing natural light.

If you want the best of both worlds, then Day/Night Blinds (also known as Double Roller Blinds or Dual Roller Blinds) might be for you. These are the most suited for Townsville homes as they allow you to have a sunscreen or translucent fabric along with a blockout fabric on a separate roller all on the one window. This then gives you the freedom to deploy the translucent blinds during the day to minimise the glare and heat, and lower the Block Out Blinds at night to create full privacy and darkened rooms.

A classic blind for all windows

When you’re looking for a timeless solution to dress the windows in your home or office and provide effective light and temperature control, Roller Blinds are the ideal choice. At Ede Shade Solutions, we offer an extensive range of quality Roller Blinds Townsville homes and offices are perfectly suited for.  

We can provide and install classic Roller Blinds for every room in your home or business. Whatever your window size, it won’t be a problem for our expert team! We understand that different properties have different needs, so we offer custom solutions to suit your rooms and window sizes. And, if you have exceptionally large windows, sliding doors or bi-fold doors, we can help you here, too! Our Townsville roller blinds can be linked together so you can easily cover a larger area.

Our promise to you!

We want your experience with Ede Shade Sails to be amazing, and we back that up with our simple Comfort Warranty.

We offer a 5-year warranty on components and 10-year warranty on materials (warranty conditions apply) on most of our blinds and awnings. We take pride in offering the best possible Townsville blinds and awnings to our customers and look forward to serving you and your family for the next 100 years!

A choice of fabrics

Our Townsville Roller Blinds are available in three different types of fabric:

• Blockout. This fabric enables you to block out sunlight completely. It is ideal for bedrooms, helping you sleep without the interference of light. It is also the perfect choice for keeping rooms cool in summer and warm in winter, saving you money on your energy bills.

• Light filtering. Light filtering fabric softens the light, so you can enjoy a glare-free home. These translucent roller blinds will protect your privacy while still allowing daylight to brighten the room.

• Sunscreen. Sunscreen fabric blocks 95 per cent of UV rays while still admitting light and enabling you to see out of your windows. It is also effective for reducing heat.

And for each of these types of fabric, we have an enormous range of colours, patterns and textures to create the most stylish Roller Blinds Townsville homes have ever seen!

Double roller blinds

Even better, you don’t have to choose just one type of fabric! We also offer Double Roller Blinds, which have two layers, operating from a dual bracket. This means you can choose a light-filtering or sunscreen fabric for daytime use and pull down the blockout later at night. The best of both worlds!

Whichever type of fabric you choose, you will find them available in an extensive range of designs, with colours and patterns to suit all tastes at Ede Shade Solutions and Blinds Townsville.

You can choose colours and patterns which complement or contrast with your home décor scheme: using your roller blinds to bring a dramatic touch to a neutral colour palette, or choosing a more muted shade for a sophisticated appearance. If your business branding uses particular colours, you can emphasise these with your choice of blinds, so your employees and customers absorb your branding more easily.

Find Out More.

I had a really great experience with Edes Townsville. Being a local company and local family-run business, they were able to provide a lot of personal suggestions on what type of blinds would suit my place that’s in the direct North QLD sun. Communication, speed and professionalism was outstanding. Absolutely recommend if you’re looking for some blinds, shade sails etc as you’ll get good quality products and service.

– Tania Clarke

Roller Blinds put your safety and comfort first

At Ede Shade Solutions and Blinds Townsville, we pride ourselves on finding solutions which make our customers’ lives easier. This includes caring for your safety.

We only use high quality fabrics, so all our roller blinds are fire-retardant and low-allergenic. They also include child safety devices to protect your little ones from the cord mechanisms. However, if you want even more safety and convenience, all our roller blinds can be motorised. This can also give you the option of controlling them from your smartphone with a simple click.

Gravity roller blinds are the roller blinds Townsville homes turn to for another level of safety. This is a chainless roller blind! The gravity roller blind has no chain or cords that may be hazardous to little loved ones, giving you peace of mind. It operates simply by moving the bottom rail up and down by hand, stopping wherever you stop. Strong, durable and built to last, our roller blinds are designed to offer you style, practicality and the best possible value for money.

Time for a better indoor roller blind? Let’s get started...

Frequently asked questions about our Roller Blinds Townsville

What you need to know about Ede’s products and services.

What is the average cost of roller blinds?

Asking the average cost of a roller blind is a bit like asking the average cost of a dress. You can buy cheap and cheerful, or deluxe evening wear with accessories. As our roller blinds are custom made, we recommend considering what performance you’re expecting from your roller blinds: block out, UV sunscreen, light-filtering, and/or dual layers of blinds. Other factors are of course how many blinds / what window size you need to cover, what fabric you select and whether they’re automated or chain operated roller blinds. But never fear, Ede Shade Solutions in Townsville are here to help you – just request a free measure and quote here.

What are standard size roller blinds?

There is really no such thing as a standard size these days. Roller blinds can range from 300mm to 3000mm in width. That’s why we always offer a free measure and quote so your custom made blind will fit your window frame perfectly.

With over 100 years in providing window coverings in Townsville we can help our customers select the best roller blinds for their home and or office.

Which is better: roller blinds or curtains?

Here are 5 key benefits of roller blinds over curtains: 

  • Roller blinds are less visually intrusive than curtains to the views when open.

  • There’s also no need to worry about that annoying gap in the middle of your curtain that never seems to close just right. 

  • Roller blinds are better option for compact spaces and other wet areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

  • They are also well suited to areas where there are furniture pieces like a lounge or bed in the way. 

  • Roller blinds can be less allergenic than curtains as they can trap less dust and they are less prone to mildew than curtains, an important factor with the rain and humidity in Townsville.

What are the cheapest blinds?

The least expensive type of internal blinds are roller blinds. This is because of their popularity. They are available in a staggering amount of fabrics, colours and patterns. It’s not surprising then that roller blinds are the blinds Townsville customers choose for a wide range of budgets.

How do I choose a good roller blind?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right roller blind for your home or office in Townsville. At the top of the list is determining how much light and privacy you are looking for for each room – different materials provide varying levels of light control. Next you’ll want to consider the boldness of the fabric, whether you want to add a splash of colour to an otherwise monotone decor, or choose a neutral colour to carry a more classic look. It’s also important to consider if you prefer chain operated, cordless or automated/motorised roller blinds. Finally, there is also the option of adding a pelmet to finish the look of the roller blind.

Of course, across all these aspects lies the need for quality roller blinds; at Ede Shade Solutions in Townsville we stand behind our Comfort Warranty for all our products and installations.