Roller Blinds (Indoor)

Roller blinds or fondly known as Holland blinds are a very popular window furnishing as they suit all budget types. Custom made, these practical & easily controlled blinds are available in many colours & textures to ensure optimum suitability in every application.

Blockout blinds as the name suggests, prevents light entering your room. It protects you and your possessions from the sun as well as reducing your energy bills.

Sunsrceen blinds stop the glare and the heat while still maintaining that all important view.

Translucent blinds are commonly used in living areas where you require privacy, reducing glare & heat without losing natural light.

If you want the best of both worlds, then Day Night blinds might be for you. Double roller blinds allow you to have a sunscreen or translucent fabric along with a blockout fabric on the one window. This then gives you the freedom to minimise the glare and heat while still allowing natural light in during the day & full privacy at night.

Roller blinds operate using a stainless chain mechanism or motorised. Using a pelmet can enhance the look of your window space, concealing the blind when it’s roll up to provide a neat finish.

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A classic blind for all windows

When you’re looking for a timeless solution to dress the windows in your home or office and provide effective light and temperature control, roller blinds are the ideal choice. At Ede Shade Solutions, we offer an extensive range of quality roller blinds to suit all residential and commercial customers in Townsville.

We can provide and install classic roller blinds for every room in your home or business. Whatever your window size, it won’t be a problem for our expert team! We understand that different properties have different needs, so we offer custom solutions to suit your window sizes. And, if you have exceptionally large windows, sliding doors or bi-fold doors, we can help you here, too! Our roller blinds can be linked together so you can easily cover a larger area.

Roller blinds in an extensive choice of fabrics

Ede’s roller blinds give you the perfect opportunity to put your own personal stamp onto any room.

Our roller blinds are available in three different types of fabric:

Blockout. This fabric enables you to block out sunlight completely. It is ideal for bedrooms, helping you sleep without the interference of light. It is also the perfect choice for keeping rooms cool in summer and warm in winter, saving you money on your energy bills.
Light filtering. Light filtering fabric softens the light, so you can enjoy a glare-free home. These blinds will protect your privacy while still allowing daylight to enter the room.
Sunscreen. Sunscreen fabric blocks 95 per cent of UV rays while still admitting light and enabling you to see out of your windows. It is also effective for reducing heat.

Even better, you don’t have to choose just one type of fabric! We also offer doubleroller blinds, which have two layers, operating from a dual bracket. This means you can choose a light-filtering or sunscreen fabric for daytime use and pull down the blockout later at night. The best of both worlds!

Whichever type of fabric you choose, you will find them available in an extensive range of designs, with colours and patterns to suit all tastes.

You can choose colours and patterns which complement or contrast with your home décor scheme, using your blinds to bring a dramatic touch to a neutral colour palette, or choosing a more muted shade for a sophisticated appearance. If your business branding uses particular colours, you can emphasise these with your choice of blinds, so your employees and customers absorb your branding more easily.

Blinds which put your safety and comfort first

At Ede Shade Solutions, we pride ourselves on finding solutions which make our customers’ lives easier. This includes caring for your safety.

We only use high quality fabrics, so all our roller blinds are fire-retardant and low-allergenic. They also include child safety devices to protect your little ones from the cord mechanisms.

However, if you want even more safety and convenience, all our roller blinds can be motorised. This can also give you the option of controlling them from your smartphone with a simple click.

Gravity roller blind is for you. This is a chainless roller blind! The roller blind has no chain or cords that may be hazardous to little loved ones, giving you peace of mind. It operates simple by moving the bottom rail up and down by hand, stopping wherever you stop.

Strong, durable and built to last, our roller blinds are designed to offer you style, practicality and the best possible value for money.

Find out more about roller blinds for your home or business

Ede Shade Solutions has been supplying and installing roller blinds here in Townsville since 1915. We understand exactly what local residents and business owners need from roller blinds, and we stay ahead of all the latest styles so we can offer the solutions you’re looking for.

If you would like more information about our roller blind range, or you need help choosing the perfect solution for your property, please contact us. Our specialist team are always here to help.

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