Panel Glide Blinds (indoor)


Panel Glide Blinds (Indoor)

Panel Glide blinds are the big brother to vertical blinds, offering a functional contemporary style & is the perfect option for sliding & bi-fold doors. The fabric panels range from 140-630mm wide and are connected & overlap eliminating gaps. With an easy to use wand control, the tracking system allows the fabric to stack away in one easy glide action for complete openness and usability.

Equivalent choice of fabrics to the vertical blind, ranging from block out and light filtering to patterns and textures.

A more modern blind solution for your home or office

When it comes to blinds, Townsville home and business owners are looking for a combination of style and practicality. You want blinds which look attractive and enable you to stamp your own personality onto your property.Panel Glide Blinds have a streamline like look and are easy to use. They also protect you from the intensity of the North Queensland sun, something we all need for our homes and office. Ede Shade Solutions has the solution for you, with quality panel glide blinds produced right here in Townsville.

Perfect for generous size door openings

Panel Glide blinds are the perfect option for large openings such as bi-fold and sliding doors. They are the big brother to vertical blinds , with fabric panels ranging from 140-630mm wide which overlap each other to eliminate gaps. With an easy to use wand control, the tracking system allows the fabric to more back in one easy glide action for complete openness and usability.

A Pelmet can add a touch of elegance to your Panel Glide Blind. The pelmet covers the tracking system and is co-ordinated with your chosen fabric to complete the look of your blind.

Fabrics – there’s so many to choose from, it’s crazy. Our blockout and light filtering fabrics are available in a wide choice of colours, patterns and textures. This enables you to choose panel glide blinds which are tailored to suit your needs and tastes, so you can truly put your own personal stamp on every room. We care about helping you to create an environment which you will continue to love for many years to come!

A blockout fabric is the ideal choice for lounge rooms and bedrooms, as it can completely block out the light from the sun. This can come in particularly handy if you ever need to sleep during the day, or if you go to bed early in summer. In addition, this type of fabric protects your privacy and creates a cosy and welcoming ambience after dark.

Blockout fabric can also keep your room cool during the summer months, helping you to save money on your energy bills.

If you prefer to let the light in while reducing heat and glare, you can choose panel glide blinds in a light filtering fabric. This diffuses the light and softens the appearance of your room while still allowing some light to filter through. It is the perfect solution for daytime use, creating a comfortable and pleasant environment.

The ideal blinds for Townsville homes and businesses

Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, we can help you achieve your shade solution.We have been supplying panel glide blinds in Townsville for many years, so we can guide you where best to use them to compliment your home or office.

Easy and safe to operate, our panel glide blinds are made from only the highest quality fire-retardant fabrics. They are designed to offer strength, durability and are great value for money.

Find out more about panel glide blinds from Ede

Ede Shade Solutions can offer the perfect panel glide blinds for every Townsville home and business owner. Our specialist team is also here to help you make the right choice, and we can even install them for you too, giving you extra peace of mind.

If you would like more information or advice about panel glide blinds, please contact us or visit our showroom, we are happy to assist you.

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