Straight Drop Blinds

Edes External Blinds selection includes various options to suit every home and budget.

Affordable solution is the ropes & pulleys blind system, the material is rolled up by hand using the rope & pulley as locking points. They add protection & privacy however not ideal for larger areas.

Spring loaded blinds are as the name suggests – a spring tensioned blind, the material rolls up & down to designated brackets.

Crank handle blinds are easily operated using the crank handle and locked in the down position. No channels & no wires with weather box available to enclose the top roll & provide a sleek finish to the blind.

Channel guided blinds are modern, sleek & easy to operate design. Installed between walls or posts the material is supported within the channels with the bottom rail used to adjust to multiple heights by locking into the channel.

These external blinds offer an effective solution for minimising the impact of the summer heat, weather protection & privacy to any outdoor entertaining area.

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